Lead product

Our company’s lead product is a first-in-class oral agent that results in increased production of protective regulatory T cells that secrete anti-inflammatory IL-10 at specific sites of inflammation. This orally-administered Reglemer™ is being developed as an entirely novel approach to the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other important immune mediated diseases. Reglemers™ were the first microbiome-derived therapeutic molecules to exhibit a direct immune-modulating effect, and are now the first microbiome-derived therapeutic molecules to be protected by issued composition-of-matter patents.  In extensive publications, the novel mechanism of action for Reglemers™ has been extensively studied and described, and these molecules work by stimulating the induction of regulatory lymphocytes.  As they are based on commensal-derived molecules that have evolved over millennia to co-exist and modulate the human immune system, we expect much greater safety for orally-administered Reglemers™ .