Novel molecular therapeutics from the microbiome

The human microbiome is coming into focus

Symbiotix Biotherapies, Inc. is developing a novel class of molecular therapeutics based on molecules derived from the human microbiome. Emerging from over a decade of research at Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, California Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College by our company’s scientific founders, distinguished thought leaders in the microbiome field, Symbiotix is rapidly moving forward translational activities to bring to market Reglemers™, first-in-class molecules that modulate the activity of regulatory T cells. Our lead program is based on the first molecule to emerge from the human microbiome, and is a first-in-class oral agent for the treatment of serious immune-mediated diseases.


Over the past few years, a new paradigm has emerged of how symbiotic microbes interact with the human immune system.

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We have found important new biology and a fundamentally novel anti- inflammatory mechanism.

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Regulatory T Cells

We have found that Reglemers™ increase Treg production of protective cytokines at sites of inflammation.

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